Vespa Club of Australia History

“Exactly what and who is this ‘Associated Vespa Clubs of Australia?'

It was soon after the formation of the Vespa Club of Melbourne and with the knowledge of other clubs in the offing that a coordinating body for the Vespa Clubs would be necessary. Notice the use of the word ‘coordinating’ and not ‘governing’… it dictates no policy.  It is a central body for correspondence, both interstate and international, … and is the link between Australia and the Vespa Clubs of Europe and ultimately Vespa international.

Its purpose? – to foster the birth and growth of Vespa Clubs in Australia and to help in every way possible with the Clubs.

The first official business was to apply to the Vespa Clubs of Europe stating our willingness to join the International Vespa Club. The latest activity is to organize the Christmas Rally and Camp at Mildura. We hope to see you there!”

Written by ‘Kelly’ Small in 1958. Kelly was the son of Bruce Small, the owner of Malvern Star and the importer of Vespa at the time. It appeared in the magazine ‘Vespaper’.

This original version of the Club prospered throughout the early 60s organizing a number of successful rallies.

The original Vespa Club of Australia logo that we also used as a temporary logo when we first formed.