The Vespa Club of Melbourne Inc is a large club of over 500 financial members throughout Melbourne. They also have a large membership in the neighbouring city of Geelong, as well as crews in Bendigo and Gippsland. They are proud to be a club that caters for all Vespa and rider: modern, classic, automatic, geared.


The club was originally formed in 1957 and quickly grew to 300 members by 1960. Many of the riders of that era are members of the modern club and take a keen interest in its progress.


The modern club was reformed by Frank Tonon of Vespa House in 2007, and was reinvigorated by a new wave of riders who have proudly grown the club to its former glory. New members are always very welcome.

New South Wales

Vespa Club Sydney is a club that has emerged at an enthusiastic rate and currently has over 90 members with new faces and Vespas coming along every meet they do.

Vespa Club Sydney welcomes all Vespas from the early classic manual to the newest automatics.

All ages and sexes are welcomed and rides are varied from ride to ride to suit all levels of experience. The club has a busy calendar of breakfast meetings and rides to various scenic parts of Sydney's wonderful surroundings, as well as TV appearances!



Vespa Club of Brisbane is a fantastic club for ALL Vespa models, including automatics.

The club welcomes both males and female riders and have many female members.


They love getting together for big or small rides, club rallies and events.


Join them for the passion that is Vespa.

VC Gold Coast - small png.png


The Gold Coast- Australia's 7th largest city, with a park and street named after this iconic scooter, was missing one important thing. A VESPA CLUB! 

And with that, VESPA CLUB GOLD COAST was formed. 

VESPA CLUB GOLD COAST is a motor scooter club created for people passionate about all things VESPA!!

The club provides a friendly environment where members can engage and socialise over a common interest in Vespa motor scooters, organises riding events and supports the members and local business and the community of the City of the Gold Coast through social and charitable endeavours. 

They look forward to meeting you all very soon.

Please see their facebook page for all the latest on the club's activities.